Studio FLY- a new, one-of-a-kind, home for Pilates, Garuda and Physical Culture at the very heart of Tel Aviv.

At Studio FLY, we encourage a culture of physical activity and the creation of a professional space, where everyone who is interested in maintaining, improving or challenging their physical abilities will be able to do so in an intimate atmosphere and with the support of a professional and carefully chosen staff.

Pilates apparatus

The Apparatus classes are given in small groups of up to four people. Each participant gets individual, professional training attention, which we highly believe he deserves.
Every new participant goes through an evaluation by a Physical Therapist before the beginning of the training sessions. An individual plan is written for each participant according to their needs and goals.


Defined by our holistic approach, our proffesional staff treats patients for Physical Therapy sessions, Shiatsu, Acupuncture, reflexology, Medical Massage and more, all offered in a small, intimate clinic.

Studio FLY was established by Gal Efrat Yasky and Tamir Dekel, certified Pilates and Garudea instructors, who have worked together for many years.

Gal is a former student of the Academy of dance in Jerusalem, and Medisin the school for Chinese medicine in Tel Aviv. She has also been a dance instructor for twenty years.

Tamir, a certified Physical Therapist, BPT, is a graduate of Ben Gurion University, and an expert in the Mackenzie approach. The combination of Gal's dance expertise and Tamir's allied health profession, brought the two together to fulfill their dream of creating Studio FLY.
We are inviting you to join us and the Studio family, to enjoy the vast activities that we offer and to develop your physical and emotional potential.

Come, FLY with us and experience your body in a different way.

Gal Efrat and Tamir Dekel,
Studio Fly

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סטודיו Fly | פילאטיס, גארודה, תנועה | כתובת: חיסין 5 תל אביב | טלפון: 0544619502 | מייל: studioflypilates@gmail.com

סטודיו Fly | פילאטיס, גארודה, תנועה

כתובת: חיסין 5 תל אביב

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